Does your love life need a romantic reboot?

Tired of the same boring date activities? Want to break out of your routine & try something new?

Get out of the same old boring dating routine! And bring back the romantic spark and love using chocolate themed date ideas and gifts for the Chocolate Date in your life. Chocolate Date is the new sexy dating.


©-Denys-Kurbatov-Dreamstime.comHere at The Chocolate Date is where you can jump-start your dates with creativity, juice and spontaneity. Explore this website for chocolate themed date ideas to delight your sweetie and feel energized with the elements of fun, playfulness and romance.


Chocolate themed date ideas are fun and creative alternative to traditional flowers, dinners at restaurant and jewelry.

Photo by imagerymajestic |

Photo by imagerymajestic |

Chocolate is the world’s most indulgent and sinful delicacy, not only tantalizing the taste buds, but opening the hearts of everyone…especially women. Associated with romance, chocolate stimulates the delicious feeling of being in love, and according to scientific research, the pleasure of chocolate melting in your mouth increases brain activity while the heart rate increases even more than it does during passionate kissing. It’s not hard to see why it has become one of the most popular and best-known aphrodisiacs in the world.  Whatever your desires or pleasures this will give you a few great ways that you can express your feelings to your chocolate lover while having fun at the same time! How far you want to take it is entirely up to you. Mix and match different ideas in one session, or just stay with one suggestion.  Remember, when you present this decadent treat to your special someone, you also gift them the same delicious feelings as being in love .

“… ‘choc’ ful of wild and delish ideas that put a spark into our routine. It was soooo romantic, we can’t get enough! We are both looking forward to the next one. Keep them comin.” 


“Remember it’s chocolate so it can get tasty, fun and sometimes messy.”

- Divinity Chan, The Chocolate Date Diva

TCD Chocolate Rendezvous ebook cover1 low resLooking to juice up your dates with fun, playfulness & romance to save your love life? How many times have you said to yourself, “I don’t have time to plan something romantic for our date night?” So you end up doing the same old date idea… again! Did you know you can invoke romance, chemistry and attraction using the “Chocolate Rendezvous” eBook? Read more to find out how…





The Chocolate Date Chocolate Love Coupons | Red Roses by © Elena Schweitzer

Red Roses by © Elena Schweitzer

Looking for the Perfect Gift for your sweetie?

Gift buying can be challenging. But what to do when a special occasion comes up only to find yourself stuck for ideas? And since it is for your sweetie, it has to be something extra special she/he will love. No pressure of course, just kidding.  Here’s the answer that will take out the frustration and guesswork. Read more…

Gayles Chocolates Shoes

Gayles Chocolates Shoes

Chocolate Gift Ideas

It’s no secret that the playfulness, romance and excitement is great at the beginning and the passion disappears over time.

Welcome to The Chocolate Date where you can jumpstart your dates with creativity, juice and spontaneity. Explore this website for chocolate themed date ideas to delight your sweetie and feel energized with the elements of fun, playfulness and romance. Read more…

“OMG, these tips could’ve saved my last relationship. We were on the verge of staleness that needed to bring back the passion.”


“First thing I wanted to do after learning these chocolate date ideas was run home to my boyfriend to try the chocolate kiss from the chocolate ebook.”


Does your love life need a romantic reboot?

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