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“Get out of the same old boring dating routine! And bring in the romantic spark and love using chocolate themed date ideas and gifts for the Chocolate Date in your life.” 

Divinity C. The Chocolate Date Diva

Divinity C. The Chocolate Date Diva

Divinity Chan who is the creator of The Chocolate Date, is passionate about creativity, ideas, fun, art and now chocolate. Inspired by the love of ‘being in love’, the love connection between people and the ‘feelings of being in love’ triggered by the PEA component in chocolate, The Chocolate Date was created during a long bath in the tub, the home where all creative ideas flow. This combined all of Divinity’s passion into a new decadence.


Divinity’s journey began with the desire to help a friend find love by organizing a singles event. One by one, friends and friends of friends who shared the same hopes for finding love and great relationships were invited to play. This was just the beginning of many more singles events to come. She discovered that when events were focused around fun activities, it is easier for singles to connect through common interests instead of throwing them into one room and fending for themselves.


Her creativity and desire for fun and new ideas led to the creation of new activity events adding a refreshing appeal to the market. Being in the business of love, she was asked quite often for advice and fun date ideas as ‘movie and dinner’ and the usual Vancouver outing activities can only go so far before it ends up becoming boring.


Her first chocolate curiosity was peaked when she heard about a local chocolate Festival held annually showcasing local chocolatiers and various chocolate activities that everyone of all ages can participate. This fulfilled the desire to try something new and different. Besides one can’t go wrong with chocolate and is a guarantee hit with just about anyone.


Chocolat Movie Image http:amzn.to:Lw8SlPShe noticed that those who attended were either chocolate lovers, chocoholics, chocolate aficionados or just ‘liked’ chocolate. But no matter which category you fit in, Divinity can still remember the looks on the people’s faces after the tasty morsel was placed on their taste buds. They were in heaven. It reminded her of the scenes from the movie “Chocolat“. Each character took a bite or even a small taste of the decadence that Vianne (the chocolatier) created and closed their eyes. Within seconds, they enjoyed how it melted smoothly into liquid gold on the tongue. Each of them made their own vocal sound either a sigh, ‘yum’, ‘hmmmmm’, ‘yes’ or a quiet moan of sweet innocent pleasure with a smile and the desire for more bliss. Their cares and worries were swept away and if only for a moment, it was worth the ride.


Imagine creating these experiences of innocence, love, romance, pleasure and even sensuality using chocolate. 


Divinity shares with you her desire for an easy way to fall to back into yummy and gooey love while creating memorable moments and experiences with fun date ideas and activities and gifts for that special someone all year. These are what makes… The Chocolate Date!


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