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With every new year comes the resolutions to make it better than the last. Fresh new year means fresh new

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start for many of us. The most common resolutions most of us set is exercise whether it is just starting, taking new classes or working out more, quit smoking, lose the weight we have gained from the holidays, and eating healthy which may mean eating less sugar, drinking more water, and dare I say… not eating chocolate!


Of course we know that when you take something we like away from us, we feel deprived. This only increases the likelihood that we will go back to our old ways. Of course you don’t have to do this alone either, you can use these 7 easy ways to incorporate healthy eating for both you and your sweetie’s dietary lifestyles.


Did you know dark chocolate can be part of a healthy diet? According to research, dark chocolate contain flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants for healthy cells, happy heart, help increase brain power and stimulates endorphins which gives a feeling of pleasure.


Here are 7 easy ways to add chocolate to your and your Chocolate Date’s diet so you both look and feel good:


1. Get your daily fix by eating two small minimum 70% dark chocolate squares a day approx. 14-20 grams instead of a full bar.
Chocolate with more than 70% cacao content, also packaged as ‘bittersweet chocolate,’ is considered the healthiest option, as it contains less sugar and more antioxidants than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Avoid chocolate with added nuts, caramels or other additives to avoid hidden calories.


2. Dust or drizzle chocolate over a bowl of fresh fruit
For a nutrient-rich treat, dust antioxidant-rich cocoa powder over fresh fruit. Your Chocolate Date will be in heaven! A little bit of chocolate goes a long way.


3. Chocolate Toppings
Top your yogurt or specialty drinks/smoothies with chocolate shavings or sprinkles instead of chocolate chips.


4. Cacao Nibs
These little gems are considered one of the world’s Super Foods. A couple of tablespoons of cacao nibs can be blended into smoothies and added to trail mixes and cereal. These are the broken up pieces of the cacao bean before it is processed into chocolate. Cacao nibs still have all the antioxidants and nutrients intact that is beneficial to our health. These can be found in most health food stores.


5. Dietary Options
Did you know that you can find a wide assortment made to fit your needs? Treat yourself to sugar free, organic or kosher chocolates found in local stores (special diet aisle), organic specialty stores (where they carry fair trade chocolates) and local Chocolatiers (also available online for purchase).


6. Try Carob!
Often used as a low-calorie health alternative to chocolate and containing similar nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, this dark brown powder is made from the mashed fruit of a Mediterranean pine tree. It is often used for those with allergies to chocolate and can be found in solid form (chips) or powder at organic specialty stores. Substitute carob with all your cocoa ingredients with modifications of course! Here’s a recipe for carob brownies you can try.


6. Chocolate sorbet instead of chocolate ice cream
Sorbet has less sugar and dairy free taking fat and cream out of the equation right from the get go. This makes a great afternoon treat or dessert.


7. Chocolate covered super foods
Chicago nutritionist Karen Raden recommends dark-chocolate covered goji berries as a snack. Try dark chocolate covered blueberries as well. Great way to double up on your antioxidants!


Action step: Use one or more ways to incorporate chocolate into your healthy diet this week. And if you have a Chocolate Date lover, don’t forget to make treats for two.


Let us know how well it worked for you. Leave comments below or on Facebook!


To your health!


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