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Summer is almost here! With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great reason to celebrate and honor the most important man or men in your life whether it’s your dad, your father-in-law or even your sweetie who happens to be a father. Why not celebrate with a chocolate theme! You can do the usual dinner and drinks, but sometimes you just want to make it extra special, creative and unique. Something your dad will enjoy and guarantee a smile on his face.


If chocolate is not something he is interested maybe the ideas below will change all that… chocolate with your man in mind.


Have fun with these ideas below:


1 Get ready to grill!
BBQ season is here! Turn on the grill and dress up your dad’s favorite meat with savory chocolate rubs and BBQ sauces. These will get the mouth watering. Here are a couple links to online recipes to help you get started.


– provides both chocolate rubs and bbq sauce recipes that uses Scharfren Berger 82% dark chocolate and Ghiradelli cocoa powder.

– a bbq rub that uses Valhrona cocoa powder.


Of course, if making sauces is not your thing or just want to save time, visit your local gourmet food store for these already made rubs and sauces to marinate your meats with.


2 Local Chocolatier events
If you don’t have time to do a lot of preparation, search out your local chocolatiers to see if they are offering any Father’s Day events that you and your dad can easily participate. Events like gentlemen’s Afternoon Teas, chocolate brunch and beer and chocolate pairing sessions.



3. Personalized Chocolate gifts
Finding the perfect gift for your special someone can be challenging especially if they have everything. How about making it personal with novelty chocolates that fit in their favorite hobby or interest?

See below for some ideas:


Chocolate beer – if your dad loves beer then gift him with chocolate beer that is becoming quite popular. Visit your local store for these gems.


– Chocolates and truffles – many chocolatiers offer special Father’s Day gifts filled with chocolates made with scotch, whiskey and port. I’m sure you will find one that will fit his palette perfectly.


Of course you can also find chocolate cigars, chocolate covered bacon for the meat lover and sports themed such as chocolate golf balls.


Does your dad love M&M’s? Did you know you order personalized M&M’s?
Customize with his favorite colors, images or personalized messages. Then choose how you would like these packaged (bags, bulk gift sets or dispensers). They are offering a 10% off their orders too! Use Coupon Code SMILES10.


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