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by Divinity Chan | ©2013-2014


Did you know soaking in a luxurious bath is a great way to mentally wash away the stress and worries of the day from your busy and crazy lives?


Imagine both of you just relaxing in the tub doing nothing else but being with each other and enjoying the time together. Be taken away to chocolate bliss!


Create a romantic and sensuous atmosphere by bringing together all the elements that will make the night special and luxurious. Turn up some sexy music and set out a couple of glasses of wine or champagne, light some scented candles and then scatter rose petals up to and into the bath. Feed your partner chocolate treats (truffles, chocolate treats or even chocolate covered strawberries).


Suggestion for chocolate bath


Full on Chocolate Bath: Fill your bathtub with approximately 36 gallons of warm-hot chocolate syrup, or melt your own chocolate. If you find it is too rich or thick, add some water to dilute it. You can also add a dash of edible essential oil such as orange, peppermint or rosemary, or sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on the surface for a rich sensual experience.


Chocolate Bath Oil: Add some Chocolate bath oil to your bath and let your skin get moisturized while you inhale the delicious and decadent aroma. You can purchase these through spas, bath products stores and adult novelty stores.


Chocolate Bubble Bath: visit the web page for instructions


Tips for creating a wonderful chocolate bath experience:

1. Buy petals already packaged from local floral shops which will save you time from plucking them off the stems.


2. Warm towels/robes – warm these up in the dryer just before you need them. Once out of the tub, put on this on your sweetie and he/she will definitely love the warmth.


3. Phones – turn off the ringer or put your phone on vibrate. This is your time to be with your sweetie. Have all your messages go to voicemail – that is what you are paying for anyways.


4. If this can’t be done at home, check out your local spa to see if they offer chocolate baths in their facilities. Bundle it up with a few more services like a chocolate wrap and a massage and make it a decadent afternoon.


Love step: Try these ideas and let me know what is your favorite one. Or if you have any that you would like to share please post them on Facebook or here. Love to hear feedback from you so I know what works and what doesn’t.



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