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found this recipe from a website called LA CHIAVE DEL CUORE:

Editor’s note: I saw this recipe posted on Facebook and thought this is one I would like to share with you. Originally posted in Italian but translated the recipe in English. It looks really cool and if you love sushi this would be fun to make. If you are new to sushi, I think you would enjoy it since it’s only chocolate and fruit. Feel free to make your own adaptations and substitutions to make it work for you. Have fun and make it a Chocolate Sushi Date night with your sweetie.



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Chocolate Sushi image by Trang's Kitchen

This sushi recipe chocolate dessert is a unique variant of the classic sushi salty. IT IS fun to prepare and perfect as dolcetto after dinner, indicated for those who prefer the flavors not overly sweet. To make this dish the preparation time is 40 minutes and the cooking time to 10 minutes. The ingredients are for 25-30 Portions.



1 kiwi peeled

1/2 small mango peeled

3 tablespoons of vodka or tequila

250 g … Japanese rice for sushi

400 ml of coconut milk in cans

100 g of sugar

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

100 g of dark chocolate pieces


1. Cut the fruit into slices and mix with the liquor. Pour the rice into a thick-bottomed saucepan with the coconut milk. Cook gently for 10 minutes, stirring frequently: the rice should be al dente. Add the sugar and vinegar, cover and set aside. Melt the chocolate. Draw on 3 sheets of baking paper 3 rectangles of 24 × 10 cm, using the outside of the sheet as the long side of the rectangle.


2. Cover with chocolate. Divide the rice over other three strips of paper, 8 cm wide, level well and press it with the back of a wet spoon so that it is very compact. Arrange the pieces of fruit throughout the center. Conservatene the sauce. Roll up the rice and fruit with the help of paper and pay great attention.


3. Press well so that the rice is well sealed. Roll up the rice in chocolate (the edges of the chocolate should meet perfectly) with the aid of the paper. Cooled for 2 hours then remove the paper gently. With a very sharp knife cut the sushi. Moisten with the juice of the fruit.

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