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Everyday creative and inventive chocolatiers are coming up with new concoctions and flavors to make your mouth water. They do such a great job that you just want to sink your teeth into and devour them all. Plus it’s eye candy for the eyes! Can you relate?


Well, here’s fun idea to help you save time shopping so you can share these moments of pleasures with your Chocolate Date savoring these delicious treats. What is it? Chocolate Tasting clubs!


Normally each month, chocolatiers will send a box of their chocolates to your front door step. Depending on the chocolatier, the chocolates they send may be the newest flavor of the month they want you to try before it is officially released to the general public. Or, it may be something special from their signature collections.


It’s like being the VIP where you get first dibs before everyone else does.


Here are some benefits you can find that chocolatiers may offer:
– chocolate sent to your home monthly – may include bars, truffles & signature pieces
– free samples and/or other related yummy treats along with your order
– discounts on future purchases
– invites to members only special events
– exclusive monthly offers
– free shipping


Note: membership structures will vary between clubs so be sure to read the details of
what it entails.


To save time:
– set it up to have the chocolates delivered to your Chocolate Date’s home to save you the trip and the expenses of gas and parking. Plus you can surprise your sweetie each month with yummy decadent treats.
– use this opportunity to plan in advance for future birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and ‘just because’ occasions.


Where to find these chocolate clubs? Check out your favorite local chocolatier in your area or search online using keywords such as: Chocolate tasting clubs, chocolate membership, chocolate of the month, and chocolate club.


Well-known brands that offer clubs include:


Godiva’s Chocolate Rewards Club (www.Godiva.com)







Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Club (http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk)




Vosges Chocolate – Chocolate of the Month Club (http://www.vosgeschocolate.com)




This is a great way to check out new chocolates with your Chocolate Date without leaving the comforts of your home and so easy to set it up months to a year in advance. Surprise your sweetie with these delightful treats and reaps the benefits of being a member that your taste buds will love your for.


Let me know how it goes. Come over to Facebook or post your comments below. Love to hear feedback  from you so I know how to better serve you.


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