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This is a great article I just came across by relationship expert James Bauer from Be Irresistible that would be perfect for your next Chocolate Date. If you have friends who would enjoy this too be sure to forward this to them.



Here’s a cool date idea for those of you who find yourselves in a long-distance relationship.  It costs a little bit of money, and requires a high-speed Internet connection, but if you miss your boyfriend, you might decide it’s worth the effort involved.


First I’ll give you the big picture, and then I’ll go back through the nitty-gritty details needed to make it happen.  Here we go.


You get home from work on Friday evening.  You change into something that looks nice in anticipation of your date, even though your boyfriend is currently 300 miles away.  You go to your fridge and pull out the ingredients you purchased the night before, the same ingredients your boyfriend agreed to stock his own fridge with.


You adjust the special wide-angle WebCam you have attached with a clip to the top of your laptop computer.  You check the monitor to make sure the image does not cut off your head when you stand at the stove.  And now, with the click of a mouse, it’s time for the fun to begin.


You see your boyfriend’s smiling face light up your computer screen after pressing the “join hangout” button.  He seems happy to see you, but he laughs nervously as he repeats his disclaimer about his poor cooking skills.  You remind him that, while it’s a group project, only he has to suffer the consequences of any mistakes, so he can relax.


Here’s the idea.  Instead of staring at each other for an hour, wishing you could do more than just talk, you’re going to share in an adventure.  Your adventure has the advantage of allowing him to see your body moving around naturally as you move around the kitchen, making a meal in tandem but 300 miles apart.


You coach him through the process, adding a fun and interactive aspect to the flow of your conversation.  When you’re both done, you sit down to a meal and shared conversation at a more leisurely pace.


Is it silly?  Yes, admittedly so, but it’s a lot better than staring at the TV while you wait for his next text message to come through, sitting at home in your pajamas on a Friday night.


This kind of shared adventure brings back much of the realism of a face-to-face interaction.  It’s the kind of experience that can get you through until your next opportunity to see each other in the flesh.


The Details
If you want to try this out yourself, and you don’t already know how, I’ve included a few essential details here.  If you don’t already have a Gmail account, sign up for one so you can benefit from the Google Hangout function.  It’s a slight improvement over Skype, but you can also use Skype if you’re already familiar with that communication platform.  If you own an iPad or any of the Mac laptops, you can use the built-in Facetime application, assuming you and your boyfriend both have access to a Mac device.


This date idea will only be fun if you have a high-speed Internet connection and a good WebCam.  A small investment in a web cam designed to take in more than just a person’s face can make this activity more fun.  Just look at some of the WebCam options on to read more about it.

A few days before your dinner date (or dessert date) you and your boyfriend can both get on at the same time and look for a fun recipe to try out together.  You can use Google’s “hangout” feature to do a shared screen environment where one of you can see the other person’s computer screen as one of you browses through various options on Pinterest.


Once you’ve both agreed on a recipe, you can make a list of ingredients, agree on a time to get started, and look forward to your date during the days leading up to your agreed starting time.


James Bauer – Be Irresistible



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