Hippity-hop! Bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs with zChocolat..oh my!!

Hippity-hop! Bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs with zChocolat..oh my!!

zchocolat, easter, chocolate

zChocolat Easter Collection

Easter is fast approaching and chocolatiers are hopping around like bunnies to create delectable decadence for chocolate lovers like you. Inside every adult is a child whose eyes open wide in awe and yummy desire when seeing chocolate bunnies, truffles and Easter eggs. But what fun would Easter be if you couldn’t share these delectables with someone you love?


This is where zChocolat comes in! Well known for their handmade French chocolate creations by none other than the world-champion chocolatier, Pascal Caffet who prides in the tradition of using all fresh high-quality ingredients from Europe. Very rare to find chocolates made with no preservatives. Their collections are made with dark, milk and white chocolates from Venezuela and the Ivory Coast filled with their signature rich ganaches. So rich and smooth you can feel the decadence melt in your mouth.


zChocolat Easter Collection - Bunnies, chicks, & Easter eggs

zChocolat Easter Collection – Bunnies, chicks, & Easter eggs

I had the pleasure to try their Easter Duo collection – fun assortment of truffles and solids. Their truffles consist of white, milk and dark chocolates filled with caramelized hazelnut ganaches in whimsical shapes of bunnies, Easter eggs, chickens and chicks. The solid collection also of white, milk and dark were in the shapes from the ocean – seashells, crabs, carps, oysters, mussels and fish.


Why the sea inspiration? I too wondered myself and found this on their website http://www.zchocolat.com/egg-chic-easter. Or read below an excerpt for the reason why:


zchocolat, easter, seashells, fish, carp

zChocolat Easter Collection – sea inspired shapes

“Symbol of the Christian faith, the fish is often used to represent Jesus. The other sea-shaped chocolates come from Jesus’s fishing “miracle” – as the legend tells he pulled up a net filled with sea creatures in the lake of Tibériade after fellow fishers had been coming home with empty nets for several days and were beginning to starve. The eggs, first Easter offering tradition, are a symbol of life and the rabbit, a symbol of spring and fertility.”


I think it is great that zChocolat honors their European traditions but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this wonderful gift of pleasure.


zchocolat, easter, chocolate

zChocolat signature brand

Of course the sensual experience doesn’t end here. When you order online, you have options of personalizing your gift with choices of elegant packaging (assortments, zBoxes, basswood boxes and mahogany boxes). Their chocolates are packaged in their black signature boxes and the whole gift is placed in a black fabric pouch. You have the opportunity to personalize your own love message printed on a white card inserted in the pouch pocket. Options to accessorize with a special trinket or a heart shaped padlock with a 4-digit combination you can personalize like a special date you share with your sweetie or even a a date of a birthday.


zchocolat, easter, seashells, fish, carpNot sure whether zChocolate is for you? Only one way to find out… is to actually order a small collection to experience the pleasurable delights first hand. Go to: http://www.zchocolat.com/shop/en/114-easter-collection


These make the perfect gourmet gifts for your own scavenger hunts or even better surprise your sweetie by having it delivered to your sweetie’s work or home or placing it in their purses/bags for them to find later. Either way you present it, this will definitely bring a smile on their face.


Have an egg-cellent Easter with your sweetie. To view their chocolate collections go to: http://www.zchocolat.com

So Much Chocolate & So Little Time

So Much Chocolate & So Little Time

127-01-014Everyday creative and inventive chocolatiers are coming up with new concoctions and flavors to make your mouth water. They do such a great job that you just want to sink your teeth into and devour them all. Plus it’s eye candy for the eyes! Can you relate?


Well, here’s fun idea to help you save time shopping so you can share these moments of pleasures with your Chocolate Date savoring these delicious treats. What is it? Chocolate Tasting clubs!


Normally each month, chocolatiers will send a box of their chocolates to your front door step. Depending on the chocolatier, the chocolates they send may be the newest flavor of the month they want you to try before it is officially released to the general public. Or, it may be something special from their signature collections.


It’s like being the VIP where you get first dibs before everyone else does.


Here are some benefits you can find that chocolatiers may offer:
– chocolate sent to your home monthly – may include bars, truffles & signature pieces
– free samples and/or other related yummy treats along with your order
– discounts on future purchases
– invites to members only special events
– exclusive monthly offers
– free shipping


Note: membership structures will vary between clubs so be sure to read the details of
what it entails.


To save time:
– set it up to have the chocolates delivered to your Chocolate Date’s home to save you the trip and the expenses of gas and parking. Plus you can surprise your sweetie each month with yummy decadent treats.
– use this opportunity to plan in advance for future birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and ‘just because’ occasions.


Where to find these chocolate clubs? Check out your favorite local chocolatier in your area or search online using keywords such as: Chocolate tasting clubs, chocolate membership, chocolate of the month, and chocolate club.


Well-known brands that offer clubs include:


Godiva chocolate club websiteGodiva’s Chocolate Rewards Club (www.Godiva.com)







hotelchocolat tasting club imageHotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Club (http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk)




vosges-logo_holidayVosges Chocolate – Chocolate of the Month Club (http://www.vosgeschocolate.com)




This is a great way to check out new chocolates with your Chocolate Date without leaving the comforts of your home and so easy to set it up months to a year in advance. Surprise your sweetie with these delightful treats and reaps the benefits of being a member that your taste buds will love your for.


Let me know how it goes. Come over to Facebook or post your comments below. Love to hear feedback  from you so I know how to better serve you.


Is Cocoanymph a Perfect Date Destination?

Is Cocoanymph a Perfect Date Destination?

review by Mon Sun C “The Chocolate Date” Diva @2012 All rights reserved

TheChocolateDate.com | Cocoanymph chocolates

Chocolate making workshops and classes of all kinds is a great date destination especially when you are looking for something new and different. Plus, you can hop from one chocolatier to another and get exposed to the wide range of chocolate creations. These workshops and classes are very popular at festivals, holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.


Here’s a review of a workshop I attended at one of Vancouver’s most popular chocolatier, Cocoanymph.


I was greeted by two of their staff members who were very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They are heavily involved in the chocolate making process so they really know what they are talking about and can speak from their experience. They strongly encourage interaction and participation as it makes the whole evening fun. In my personal experience, the more interaction from the participants, the more the speaker will give a lot more information and tips. These speakers were really generous with their time and information.


They talked about the history of chocolate and how it came to be today. Starting with the Aztecs to how it was shipped off to Spain and how it spread through Europe to current time. We chatted about different methods, machinery and techniques that chocolatiers back then used to make chocolate and let me tell you, they didn’t have the high tech machinery we have today.


Even though I am a chocolate lover and know some of the history, there were some tid-bits of new information that I didn’t know so it was refreshing for me as I love learning.


Then we had samples of single origin chocolates varying from country and cocoa percentage. For this exercise, we were learning to taste the various aromas and flavors in order to discover the differences between each one of them. No chocolate is alike as they pick up their characteristics/personalities from the environment they are grown.


TheChocolateDate.com | Cocoanymph chocolate bath

After the teaching was done, it was time for the fun and messiness! Chocolate truffle making! They had pre-made slats of chocolate ganache in which we could make our truffles. We transformed them into various shapes using shape cutters and small round balls. When these were ready, we dipped the truffles into a container of melted chocolate. We had sprinkles and patterns of all sorts to decorate them with. At the end of the evening we packed our treats and devoured them later.


Overall it was a good and fun experience. I have been to other chocolate workshops and discovered that each have different offerings. What you have read here might not be the exact experience you will get at another chocolatier. Be sure to inquire what you will be getting in the session. And you may find that pricing will vary too.


Tips for planning the perfect date destination:

1. Call local chocolatiers to inquire about these workshops as they tend to fill up especially around special holidays and celebrations. Valentine’s Day will really be packed with couples.


2. Festivals is another great venue to check these out as they will have organized a number of classes with one or more chocolatier. But since it’s a festival, these activities do sell out quickly so once you hear about it, quickly sign up.


3. Check online for web deals such as Groupon, EthicalDeal or Dealfind. Local chocolatiers will promote their classes on there at a substantial discount. These don’t come often so it will be a game of luck and chance.


Single Men! Bonus Tip: Did you know that these are a great venue to meet women? Anything chocolate tends to attract more women than men. Great way to hook up for a potential Chocolate Date.


If you have any comments, post them below or The Chocolate Date Facebook page! We love to hear from you so we can better serve you. Check out our Facebook page to see the pictures of the event.

Theo Chocolates NW Chocolate Festival 2011

Theo Chocolates NW Chocolate Festival 2011


© TheChocolateDate.com | Theo chocolates display

Theo Chocolates is one of Seattle’s most famous chocolate companies. Theo is known to produce premium organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolates. If you know a little bit about the history of chocolate, you’ve probably already guessed where their company name originated from. If not, here it is: The scientific name for the cacao tree is Theobroma from Greek meaning the ”Food of the gods”. So Theo is from the cacao tree name Theobroma.


Their booth was busy with chocolate lovers and fans so I didn’t get a chance to chat with the Theo reps, but I can share my personal Theo experience with you.


First heard about Theo when I was visiting the Chocolate Box in downtown Seattle a couple of years ago. I was down there for the day visiting the local chocolatiers in the downtown area by foot. The Chocolate Box carries many chocolate lines and Theo was one of them. I was impressed by the variety of unique flavors and offerings that it peaked my curiosity.  So naturally, I had to try as many of Theo bars I could.


A couple of years later, I had an opportunity to visit their Seattle retail space as it was just around the corner from where I was visiting. It was packed with shoppers and people waiting for their chocolate tour to begin. As I was soaking up the chocolate aromas and doing some shopping, I could hear numerous inquiries about any space availability for their afternoon tours. They were all booked. I personally don’t know how busy they normally are on other weekends, but that was a great day for Theo. 



© TheChocolateDate.com | Theo Chocolates

After trying a few bars here and there, I’ve come up with a list of my faves:


– Spicy Chile – Dark chocolate with Spicy Chile – 70% dark chocolate with the warmth of guajillo chile and cinnamon, the tanginess of pasilla chile and a subtle hint of citrus


– Theo & Jane Goodall 70% Dark Chocolate – single origin dark chocolate (organic and Fair Trade certified)


– Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate – It was the fig that caught my attention with this. Vegan dark chocolate with almonds, sweet chewy figs, and a touch of fennel


– Bread & Chocolate Dark Chocolate – Just by the name I just had to try it. Dark chocolate with buttery, toasted artisan breadcrumbs and the perfect amount of salt


– Chocolate and Wine Pairing Kit – I love their pairing kits! Each kit includes bars and wine recommendations. The kit I’ve gotten a few years ago is no longer available. The chocolate bars in their current kits have changed but I trust either way you will have fun as it is designed to go together.


Be sure to visit their Seattle retail space in the Fremont area where they offer chocolate tour of their facilities. These tours tend to book quickly so be there early to register for your spots. Website: http://www.theochocolate.com


If you have any comments, post them below or The Chocolate Date Facebook page! We love to hear from you.


Divine Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2011

Divine Chocolate NW Chocolate Festival 2011

© TheChocolateDate.com | Divine Chocolate Ad

Divine Chocolate is a well-known Fair trade company partially owned by the cacao farmers. This part ownership allows the farmers a sustainable income while supporting the community. I had personally tasted their chocolates a couple of years ago at the Seattle Chocolate Salon and hoped to learn more about this company at the NW Chocolate Festival 2011.


The Divine Chocolate table was packed with chocolate lovers and chocoholics sampling their chocolates that I didn’t get a chance to chat with the people behind the table. Who can blame them? The bars tasted good that I ended up buying a couple myself – Limited Edition Dark chocolate hazel nuts and dried cranberries and Dark chocolate hazel nut truffle. The Limited Edition dark chocolate hazel nut and the dried cranberries had a nutty and fruity taste to it. I have never been a fan of mixing nuts and dried fruit together but I was impressed. The dark chocolate hazel nut truffle was like eating Nutella sandwiched between two pieces of dark chocolate. If you have eaten Nutella, you know what I am talking about…. smooth!


© TheChocolateDate.com | Divine Chocolate Bars

Visit their website: http://www.divinechocolate.com for more information on their products. One of the things you may notice is the different online offerings from US to other countries.


If you have any comments, post them below or The Chocolate Date Facebook page! We love to hear from you.


The Chocolate Shop NW Chocolate Festival 2011

The Chocolate Shop NW Chocolate Festival 2011

© TheChocolateDate.com | Chocolate Shop

“The Chocolate Lover’s Wine, takes the perfect pairing – Chocolate and Wine – to the next level, marrying fine wine and rich dark chocolate to create an indulgent wine experience like no other.”


This chocolate gem was tucked away in the Beer and Wine garden section of the Aphrodisiac Room. One can’t miss the large glass containers of malt balls on The Chocolate Shop’s table.  Only a couple of booths were promoting wine and spirits at the time I was there, but I got enough to get a taste and do a wine and chocolate pairing at the same time.


The Chocolate Shop was promoting their Chocolate Red wine. I naturally assumed it was going to be full-bodied like a port wine but after tasting a sample, it was light with a hint of sweetness and full of chocolate aromas. The flavors lingers on your tongue giving you a lasting finish..


© TheChocolateDate.com | Chocolate Shop Chocolate wine

To satisfy your other taste buds, this company also produces Creme de Cocoa (chocolate cream wine) and Chocolate Strawberry Red wine, Triple Cream Reserve (chocolate cream wine) and the Box of Chocolate Red wine. I haven’t tried them yet as these were not available at the festival,  but it does sound yummy.


For more information visit their site: www.chocolateshopwine.com. These bottles are available in local US supermarkets.


If you have any comments, please post them The Chocolate Date Facebook page or on Twitter! We love to hear from you.

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