“Hot & Sticky” – Over 50 Fun Ways to Sex it Up with Chocolate

“Hot & Sticky” – Over 50 Fun Ways to Sex it Up with Chocolate

Coming soon… “Hot & Sticky” – Over 50 Fun Ways to Sex it Up with Chocolate
Hot and Sticky Over 53 Fun ways to sex it up with chocolate
Have you discovered that things can get really hot and even hotter when you add chocolate to sensual and sexual play? Have you journeyed and exploded in ecstasy in the world of “Taboo”? Chocolate is one of the most aphrodisac foods and what perfect way to use it in the fun and sensual activities describe in this ebook. It brings out the positive endorphins so why shouldn’t you have a fun experience with your date? Who knew chocolate could be this much fun and more! Want to know other fun stuff you can do with this dark, sinful treat?


“Chocolate Rendezvous” Book – Over 53 Fun & Creative Date Ideas Using Chocolate

“Chocolate Rendezvous” Book – Over 53 Fun & Creative Date Ideas Using Chocolate

“Chocolate Rendezvous”
– Over 53 Fun & Creative Date Ideas Using Chocolate
[eBook Pdf Format, Instant downloadable]

Single and dating? Or in a relationship and looking to spice things up to save your love life?


How many times have you said to yourself, “I don’t have time to plan something romantic for our date night?” So you end up doing the same old date idea… again!


Did you know you can invoke romance,
chemistry and attraction using the “Chocolate Rendezvous” eBook


The “Chocolate Rendezvous” eBook will bring you and your sweetie new tantalizing and mouthwatering adventures and excitement! This eBook will inspire you to venture out into your own local neighborhood where you two can discover new chocolate treasures and smell the chocolate roses.


This instant downloadable eBook is your one stop guide!


It’s packed with over 53 fun and creative date ideas using chocolate. These are great creative alternatives to traditional flowers, dinner at a restaurant and jewelry for the price of $9.97


Why Chocolate?

Date idea from Chocolate Rendezvous eBook: Wine & chocolate pairing

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Chocolate, known as the “Food of the Gods” is a natural aphrodisiac that is associated with romance. It naturally has over 300 components that help bring out the feelings of “being in love”. It is a great mood booster! And many women can’t say “No” to chocolate.


“Remember it’s chocolate so it can get tasty, fun and sometimes messy.”
– Divinity Chan, The Chocolate Date Diva


Just by using the “Chocolate Rendezvous” eBook you will:


Gain confidence to create love, attraction and the chemistry with your Chocolate Date without the pressure and stress.


Enjoy the pleasure of romance with the risk of your wallet. These ideas fit into any budget from $10.00 and up. How extravagant or simple you want to make the date to be is entirely up to you.


Save you minutes and hours of time! This is your one stop guide with over 53 ideas so you can plan a whole entire day or just a small chocolate affair without the stress of coming up with new ideas each time.


Enjoy over 20 pages of ideas along with recipes and tips to enhance your experience! Plus, these ideas can also be used in the intimacy of your own home.



Here are just a few ideas from the eBook:


1. Chocolate Hopping – Create a fun map that lists the locations of the chocolate places you plan to visit. Spend an afternoon hopping from one place to another. Be sure to check out the treats they have for special occasions and holidays, such as bunnies for Easter or hearts for Valentine’s Day…



2. Chocolate Tasting – Taste and sample new chocolate treats without spending a lot of $$$. Tasting events are great place for edu-tainment encompassing both learning and entertainment in one evening. You and your sweetie will learn all about tasting flavors and aromas…


“The Chocolate Date E book was just what we needed!! It was ‘choc’ ful of wild and delish ideas that put a spark into our routine. It was soooo romantic, we can’t get enough! We are both looking forward to the next one. Keep them comin” – LW


These are just a couple ideas from the “Chocolate Rendezvous” eBook! Sounds fantastic?


Whether it’s your first or second date where you are trying to impress your date or, in a relationship wanting to spice things up, this eBook is for you. New romantic and sexy pleasures will make your dates uniquely memorable and not to mention loads of fun! Your sweetie will want more.


So there you have it! But most importantly you get to spend the quality time with your Chocolate Date for love and romance and have a great time too! That ‘s what “Chocolate Rendezvous” is all about.


“Chocolate Rendezvous” Book – Over 53 Fun & Creative Date Ideas Using Chocolate



P.S. Did you know? This makes an awesome gift for your sweetie or a friend who want a “Chocolate Date”.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee: We make it easy for our 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Purchase the Chocolate Rendezvous eBook and within 30 days you find the book is not for you, let us know and we will work with you to refund your purchase price! It’s that easy!




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