3rd Annual NW Chocolate Festival Seattle – October 22 – 23

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Taste, Learn and Celebrate! Chocolate Lovers Unite!


We present two days of pure chocolate decadence and the highest caliber of indulgence through chocolate education, chocolate making classes and professional level tasting.


The NW Chocolate festival hosts 70 classes, chocolate tasting and workshops taught by top culinary professionals and award winning artisan chocolate makers. We aim to share experiences in chocolate from the farm all the way to scrumptious chocolate bar and sweet confection.


A taste of what you will experience

•Learn about chocolate with presentations by award winning chocolate makers

•Crush cacao beans by hand using traditional tools

•Meet cacao farmers from Ecuador and Peru

•Learn to taste and distinguish fine chocolate from different origins around the world

•Taste and experience fresh cacao fruit direct from South America, a rare experience in the United States

•Discover the health benefits of chocolate

•Learn how to temper chocolate, make truffles and ganaches, and fine desserts

•Seduce your senses in the Aphrodisiac Room

•Expand your palate with chocolate and drink pairings


We are excited to taste chocolate with you and offer educational workshops and presentations to festival attendees in five of the Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center. The festival features 16 hours of chocolate culinary demonstrations at the culinary kitchen in the Chocolate Dessert and Confection Room, two full days of talks on culture, trade equity and cocoa agriculture in the World of Chocolate Room. We also offer the opportunity to enjoy wine, coffee, tea, and beer paired with chocolate in the Beer and Wine Garden.


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World Chocolate Masters 2011 in Paris – October 19-21, 2011

From the website: http://www.worldchocolatemasters.com


The World Chocolate Masters is the world’s leading global culinary competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate.


Since its creation in 2005, the competition has developed its unique identity for being the most challenging chocolate competition that focuses on the individual skills of each contestant. The theme of this year’s edition is “Quetzalcoatl’s Gift, which asks participants to find inspiration in the mysterious and super natural origins of Cocoa in the rainforests of South America.


This year, the fourth edition of this unique competition will feature 19 finalists coming from different countries around the world. Over the last eighteen months, each of them has successfully competed for the title of “National Chocolate Master” in their own country, thereby qualifying for the final.


During the final, each contestant will produce a chocolate cake, two pralines, a dessert and one exceptional artistic creation based on the theme of “Cocoa, the gift of Quetzalcoatl”, transporting spectators back in history to the ancient Aztec civilization of Mexico. A 21-member jury made up of celebrity pastry chefs and chocolate masters will evaluate their work during this three-day competition.


A prize package with a total value of 75.000 € will be shared among the contestants of the “World Chocolate Masters 2011”. This package will comprise money as well as professional material and will be divided in proportion to the contestants’ ranking and the scores they achieve during the final.


What is it like to participate in the World Chocolate Master’s? What is it like to feel to be part of the competition and to be acknowledged as one of the greatest chocolate craftsman on the planet? Listen to the stories of the three winners of the 2009 Final and their advice to future contestants.

2011 Festival of Chocolate! – Vancouver, BC Canada Oct 15, 2011 – Nov 10, 2011

October 15, 2011 – November 10, 2011


From the website: http://www.festivalofchocolate.ca


Google Festival of Chocolate, 142,000 results in 11 seconds. It is time that British Columbia showcased our fantastic Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, and culinarians with the sweet magic of chocolate. Time a sustainable festival of chocolate was created, supporting the magical, mystical cocoa and chocolate and the people in the business of chocolate.


The Fall Festival of Chocolate has been created to showcase everything one can or learn about cocoa and chocolate, meet our artisan Chocolatiers, our local businesses, chefs, cooking classes, wineries, breweries, even pork producers – yes, chocolate meets bacon. So, you can see, the Fall Festival is around for a long time – there is a lot to learn, taste, and appreciate!


This series of events showcases an out of the chocolate box experience – education, health, events, people and products. Created to support our local economy, tourism, culinary tourism, British Columbia, and above all people.


The Fall Festival of Chocolate invites all businesses to create a chocolate themed event, meal, pairing, seminar, cooking class or demo during the fall festival, usually the last two weeks of October and first two weeks of November. Celebrate Cocoa and Chocolate with us!


The Festival of Chocolate is no ordinary festival – we aim to inspire, inform, surprise, and entertain you. Above all, we want to celebrate all things chocolate, from the health factor of great dark chocolate, to unique pairings with chocolate. We aim to support our culinary arts and peoples fascination with the mystical cocoa producing products. The Magic of Chocolate – Simply Magic!


Join us – meet great Chocolatiers such as Sinfully the Best Chocolate in Steveston, Dione’s Chocolates in Crescent Beach, Dominique and Cindy Duby of Wild Sweets® for a fantastic 36 piece chocolate tasting experience; hop aboard a Chocolate Trolley Tour, and book a corporate event for your staff, clients or family and friends.


We aim to bring to you Chocolate and More, at your fingertips, thru our website and our Fall Festival of Chocolate.

The Toronto Chocolate Festival October 2, 2011 – October 23, 2011

From the website: http://www.torontochocolatefestival.com


The Toronto Chocolate Festival is “back and bigger” for its 6th year! As a Toronto city-wide event, the Toronto CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL, successfully launched in 2006, is back for its sixth year. This is the event where CHOCOLATE is featured in all its magnificent and tasty forms. THE TORONTO CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL 2011 will present several delectable, delicious and simply decadent events including some new ones.

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