You’re Getting Hotter

You’re Getting Hotter

– by Divinity Chan | ©2014

Coming up with new date ideas can be challenging but look no further! “The Chocolate Date” Diva has a few up her sleeves to help make your date fun and schweeet.


Now it doesn’t have to be Easter or any other special holiday to run a treasure or scavenger hunt. This idea can be used anytime you feel like playing a fun game with your sweetie. It is fun for both the Planner and the Finder. How? The Planner, I’m assuming it is you, gets to drum up all the fun surprises and clues that the Finder must try to figure out. And who doesn’t like finding chocolate treats and treasures. That’s the whole fun of it.


Get your Chocolate Date to follow a series of clues that leads to the hidden treasure like treats, chocolates, love coupons or any other “treasure” you come up with.



1. Maps – You can create simple maps of just one room in your home using furniture as landmarks and easy to follow directions such as “start at the entrance of your room, take six paces west, turn left at the couch and take two paces towards the plant.”

For simple maps, keep the number of steps to five or six clues. Want more complexity? Add more clues and even make the map larger to encompass other areas like the yard, other rooms in the home or places where you last went on dates. Sky’s the limit!


2. Riddles – Using riddles where your sweetie must figure out the answer. Turn the answer into the next clue that will lead to the next riddle. How many riddles to have? This will be entirely up to you but three is an easy number. The third one can lead your sweetie to the grand prize.


3. You are getting warmer – most simple and easiest idea of them all. Get a bunch of fun treats that your sweetie will love and hide them all over your place. You can make it easy or hard to find. You can help guide your sweetie (if you wish) by saying “You’re getting warmer” if they were getting closer to the object or “You’re getting hotter” as they get even closer. If they are heading further away you can say, “You are getting colder” or “You are freezing”.



1. Allow plenty of time to plan and organize the hunt to ensure success.

2. After you have the hunt all planned out, walk through it to make sure everything flows nicely.

3. Have extra clues just in case your sweetie needs more help in getting to the next clue or treasure.

4. K.I.S.S. – Follow the formula of ‘Keep It Simple and Sweet’. But it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few curve balls to have your sweetie on their toes. 🙂


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All rights reserved ©2014 The Chocolate Date. Divinity C. created “The Chocolate Date”. It’s all about things to do on a date using chocolate where you can get turned on and excited again and again. Intrigued? Visit to download your complimentary eBook “11 Yummy Date Ideas for Chocolate Lovers” to get started on yummy gooey love.

“9 Steps to Unlock the Secrets to Reveal the Chocolate Lover Within”

“9 Steps to Unlock the Secrets to Reveal the Chocolate Lover Within”

- by Divinity Chan | ©2012-2014
* Section taken out of “Hmmm…. So Good So Bad” eBook – Discover new pleasures of flavors You and your Chocolate Date can devour. Available for purchase on this website soon! Stay tuned for details*

The Chocolate Date | © Andrei Nistor @

Savoring chocolate is like savoring your lover… slowly, lovingly and blissfully as your body melts into heaven.


Whenever I think of this feeling, I am reminded of the scenes from the movie “Au Chocolat”. Each character took a bite or even a small taste of the decadence that Vianne (the chocolatier) created and closed their eyes. Within seconds, they enjoyed how it melted smoothly into liquid gold on the tongue. Each of them made their own vocal sound either a sigh, ‘yum’, ‘hmmmmm’, ‘yes’ or a quiet moan of sweet innocent pleasure with a smile and the desire for more bliss. Their cares and worries were swept away and if only for a moment, it was worth the ride.


Would you like to experience this bliss?  I believe chocolate is meant for sharing with your Chocolate Date.


Chocolate Tasting is a fun and easy way to do this and it’s not rocket science either. Like wine, you can uncover different flavors and complexities in a single piece of chocolate. Discover what makes each chocolate unique as no bars are alike and there are many varieties to choose from. Each cacao bean picks up its’ characteristics from the environment it’s grown in creating different overtones and flavors.


It is recommended to use gourmet chocolates (with no sweet fillings) as they retain the original flavors, characteristics, and high cocoa content.


Use no more than six varieties of chocolate: white, milk or dark from one or a variety of Chocolatiers. Six is the magic number as any more will overwhelm your taste buds and you won’t be able to distinguish the flavors. However, if you want to do more tastings after the initial set, wait at least 20 minutes. This allows the taste buds to rest. Eat some bread, fruit or cheese and drink some water to cleanse the palate between tastings.


Step 1: Organize the chocolate from lightest to darkest, as it’s easier to get a truer tasting this way. One easy way to remember is to start with the lowest to the highest cocoa percentage.


Step 2: As you break off a small piece—approximately 1 inch—of chocolate and listen how it breaks apart known as the snap: the sharper the snap, the higher the quality of chocolate. If the snap is blunt or the bar bends, it usually means that there are added preservatives, waxes, and a low cocoa content. This may take some time to perfect as it requires awareness and experience.


Step 3. Smell the broken edge. You should be able to detect the aromas and characteristics of the environment where the cocoa bean was grown. One chocolate expert suggests that you cup your hands around the chocolate to create a vacuum and then inhale in short and quick sniffs like a bunny or a dog to capture the subtle smells of the chocolate.


Step 4: Place the piece of chocolate in the center of your tongue. Smooth the chocolate all over your tongue to activate the different taste centers for bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and astringency. Be aware of any particular flavor notes that arise. 


Step 5: Bite into the chocolate a couple of times to taste any secondary flavors. Notice how much effort it is to bite into it: the less effort, the better.


Step 6: Let the chocolate melt slowly in your mouth to experience the texture. Is it smooth, creamy, gritty, and so on? Detect what flavors are present at the finish.


Step 7: When you have completed tasting one chocolate, have a sip or two of room-temperature still water or plain bread to clean the palate and prepare the taste buds for the next round of tasting.


Step 8: Write down what you noticed about the aroma, flavor and so forth on a sheet of paper and rate whether you like that particular chocolate or not.


Step 9: Repeat the process for the next piece of chocolate.


Here are some of the flavors you might taste: currants, plums, red wine, cherry, raisin, grapefruit, walnuts, almonds, citrus fruits, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, papaya, apricot, melon, peach, toffee, honey, vanilla, caramel, sweet cream, dates, coffee, tobacco, green tea, earthy, licorice, cedar, spices, ginger, mushroom, mint, or grass.


Additional Tips:

– Blindfold yourself or your Chocolate Date while doing the tasting to heighten the other senses and see if you are able to pick up characteristics you didn’t notice before.

– If you are uncertain as to which kind of chocolate to buy or don’t know where to start, check out your local Chocolatier or go online for “Tasting Boxes”. These boxes normally contain a variety of sample bars with guides and forms. This is an excellent way to try out Chocolatiers from different countries or regions.

– If you would like chocolate tasting forms to jot down your impressions such as appearance, color, notes, flavors and a rating system to distinguish which ones you liked and why, you can find basic templates available online.


Enjoy the experience of bliss! Savor each moment while allowing yourself and your Chocolate Date to be surprised at the new discoveries. Each person will pick up different flavors and aromas. Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac known to enhance the feelings of ‘being in love’. So this is a great way to double your dose on love… chocolate and your Chocolate Date. Yum!


©The Chocolate Date: “Hmmm… So Good So Bad eBook”

If you like this tip, stay tuned for “Hmmm…. So Good So Bad” eBook for more ideas to discover new pleasures of flavors You and your Chocolate Date can devour.



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

All rights reserved ©2012-2014 The Chocolate Date. Divinity C. created “The Chocolate Date”. It’s all about things to do on a date using chocolate where you can get turned on and excited again and again. Intrigued? Visit to download your complimentary eBook “10 Yummy Date Ideas for Chocolate Lovers” to get started on yummy gooey love.


Are You a Chocolate Tease?

Are You a Chocolate Tease?

written by Mon Sun Chan, The Chocolate Date Diva


Here is your quick date idea: Are You a Chocolate Tease?


The Chocolate Date © Yuri Arcurs |

If you are with your Chocolate Date, feed them their favorite chocolates for a fun and sensual date. You get to have fun teasing and tantalizing your love.


Another idea is to blind fold your Chocolate Date for an heightened experience. By taking away the visual component, all the other senses are heightened giving a different and unique sensation.


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Craving touch? How about a Chocolate touch?

Craving touch? How about a Chocolate touch?

written by Divinity Chan, The Chocolate Date Diva ©2014 All rights reserved TheChocolateDate


Pamper your Chocolate Date or yourself with a chocolate massage!


Ahhhh……when someone gives you a massage it is like being in heaven! Have you noticed that most times we don’t get enough of it and may find yourself craving for the simple pleasure of a touch. Even as babies, we never get enough. It is a great way to physically reconnect with your partner plus you can even take turns giving each other massages. Start with the shoulders, neck, head and massage your way down the body.
Don’t forget the temples!


The Chocolate Date © Yanik Chauvin |

You can find chocolate oils, lotions and body creams in specialty stores both edible and non-edible. Or you can make them yourself. Do it yourself recipes are found online and most can be easily adjusted to your preferences.


For a more intimate setting you can also set up your own mini spa in the comfort of your home for a private pamper session for an unforgettable sensuous experience. Candles, rose petals and soft music playing in the background.


Make it a blissful night for 2 this Friday or Saturday night!


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Babeland NW Chocolate Festival 2011

Babeland NW Chocolate Festival 2011

© | Babeland

Babeland, a Seattle based adult toy company had a booth in the Aphrodisiac Room. When I saw the table, I thought this should be interesting and was curious to see what they have to offer. Well, I was impressed. Babeland offered a number chocolate body product lines. And most of them were edible and made with real chocolate. Not the artificial flavoring most products contain. Yuck! Definitely worth exploring to see which one(s) will work best as not all products are alike.


Babeland has their own line of products using organic, fair trade and vegan chocolate. Now that is impressive and sure to capture people’s attention. What a great way to promote fair trade too. One of the products, Edible body chocolate at Babeland has this ingredient list: Sugar, Organic Cocoa Powder, Safflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Vanilla. This is the real stuff.


© | Babeland - Sweet Beauty products

If that product doesn’t work for you, then be sure to try the Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body oil as shown in the picture. It only contains Grape Seed Oil, Shea Oil, Cupuaçu Butter and Babassu Seed Oil infused with Organic Fair Trade Cocoa and Nibs, Cocoa Absolute, Natural Flavor Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosemary Extract, and Vanilla Planifolia. Or even the Sweet Beauty Chocolate Body Cream if you want something rich for the skin.


For more information on these products visit the online store by clicking this link: Babeland. For you Seattle folks, visit the local store for a personal shopping experience.


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