With Love From Provence

With Love From Provence

Zchocolates 'With Love from Provence' collection

Zchocolates ‘With Love from Provence’ collection

“With Love From Provence” 


Sophisticated elegance is the two words I would describe my experience with Zchocolat. Known for their ‘slick’ black signature packaging and of course their delectable treats that will get your fingers itching to touch and mouth watering just at the sight of these dark and colorful beauties.


First encountered Zchocolat when I was looking for special chocolate gift ideas that would leave a lasting impression and this company does exactly that. They really elevated gift personalization to the next level. When you see their website and actually see their works of art first hand, you will strongly agree with me. You’ll offer selection of distinctive and memorable gifts for the man or woman in your life for many occasions. Most popular time of the year? Of course Valentine’s Day with their chocolate hearts collection.


Zchocolates special fruit jellies and nougat collection

Zchocolates special fruit jellies and nougat collection

I am honored to have received their most popular chocolate assortment and their fruit jellies and nougat selection as part of their “With Love from Provence” collection. Personally not a fan of fruit jellies perhaps due to bad childhood memories of the hard texture and overwhelming amount of sugar, but I was surprised how yummy these were. Soft texture and hint of sweetness loaded with fruit bursting with each bite. Hmmm… cherry, apricot, strawberry, apply and raspberry. I just couldn’t stop at just one.


Love nougat when it is fresh, soft and chewy rather than hard and really sweet.  Zchocolat’s nougats were rich and very creamy which were saved for last.


Now the best part! Of course I can say the ‘best part’ cause I’m a woman who loves good quality chocolates especially preservative free. Normally I gravitate toward single origin bars as they are already packed with flavors and aromas, but must admit love their gourmet gems. Look at the pictures you can see why.

Display of their gourmet artisan chocolates

Display of their gourmet artisan chocolates


All presented nicely in rows you know this is one experience you will want to do again and again. Choose from white, milk (Ivory Coast) and dark (Venezuelan). What’s very interesting is each chocolate is numbered. How cool is that? Easy to figure out with the legend what it is rather than trying to guess based on design. Due to lack of preserves these beauties need to be consumed with a couple of weeks of receiving.


Packaging that guarantees fresh chocolates!




Special temperature controlled packaging Zchocolates designed to ensure your chocolates and treats arrive fresh and in shape upon delivery.

Special temperature controlled packaging Zchocolates designed to ensure your chocolates and treats arrive fresh and in shape upon delivery.

This is one company that doesn’t skim on packaging!


Live in a hot city where you experience warm/hot temperatures and climates? Not to worry as Zchocolat got you covered. Your packaged comes in a silver reflective box filled with Styrofoam blocks to prevent from shifting and a number of temperature controlled refrigerant packs to keep the treats fresh and in shape upon delivery.




Yes you can make any chocolate gift to suit your loved one’s personality. Customize the chocolate selection, perhaps have it all contained in a beautiful wooden box and add a personal note all put into a black fabric pouch for your loved one to bring a smile to their faces.


This gift package includes:


thechocolatedate.com zchocolates provence collection10 small websiteZ – flagship chocolates – sweet and salty caramel and a crunch praline made from slow roasted Piedmont hazelnuts

12 – blend of roasted Dutch sesame seeds and Valencia almond praline with finely ground caramelized almonds covered with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate

13- raspberry ganache paired with a hint of violet and drenched in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate

14 – finely ground caramelized Iranian pistachios mixed with hazelnuts from Piedmont and covered with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate

15 – refreshing and acidulous lemon-almond paste surrounded with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate

16 – solid 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate with minced Venetian almonds

17 – praline made from piedmont hazelnuts and milk chocolate accented with the warm flavors of finely grated Sri Lankan coconut in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate

18 –premium ground coffee from Kenya and Nicaragua blended with 62% dark chocolate and silk 40% milk chocolate ganache all covered with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate

19 – walnut praline with phyllo dough in Ivory Coast milk chocolate giving it the crunchy texture. Sadly I’m afraid this one isn’t gluten free.

20 – light splash of orange in this creamy ganache in a smooth Ivory Coast chocolate

21 – tend almond paste perfumed with a delicate hint of rose cloaked in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate

22 – surprising blend of freshly milled coriander seeds with citrus overtones and hazelnut praline surrounded with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate

23 – silky ganache of 62% dark Venezuelan dark chocolate surrounded by 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate and brightened with floral essence of violet

24 – flavors of pastries and honey in a 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate ganache


Is your mouth watering yet? These are just a few from their collection. Be sure to visit their website: www.zchocolat.com for their complete array of decadent delights to gift yourself and your loved one. This will be one gift you will want to gift again and again.


Romantic Gift Giving – 7 Ways to Add Romance to Your Life and Hers

By Lesley Charalambides


When it comes to romantic gifts the choice seems simple; flowers, jewels, perfume or lingerie. The choice may depend on budget or simply on opportunity. Flowers seem easy to buy, while lingerie seems tricky, but things are not always as they seem.


1. Flowers are easy to order, but that’s the problem. She knows that. Just looking up the internet a picking the first bouquet isn’t going to impress, it may even have the opposite effect. If you want to send flowers then pick something unusual and long lasting. Tropical flowers are more expensive but they last far longer than the garden variety, so orchids and anthuriums are a good choice.


2. Roses are supposedly romantic, but the real reason for that was their scent. Most roses last only a few days and few these days have any scent at all. On the other hand roses can fall into the unusual range, GrowerFlowers.com offer a vase of one dozen roses five feet tall, which definitely falls into the ‘unusual’ category.


3. Be personal. The best answer in giving any gift, is to choose something with personal meaning, perhaps an arrangement of the same flowers as in her wedding bouquet. If you don’t know her well you might find out the official flower of the state she comes from. In each case you’ve shown you put some thought into it, and it’s the thought that makes the gift romantic.


4. While perfume seems a simple things to buy there are many to chose from. Buying another bottle of her usual scent is safe, but boring. Why not try the Sephora fragrance finder and use the fragrance she wears now to predict others she will like. The downside is that a scent which smells fabulous on one woman may smell ghastly on the next.


5. Every women can use pearls and styles change constantly. A single strand of medium size pearls is ideal for most women, however a multi-strand necklace makes a beautiful gift.


But beware of size. The sixteen inches used for necklaces these days can be too small for many women, and alterations to a necklace can cost almost as much as the original item.


6. Luxury sleepwear and lingerie, nightgowns, pajamas and robes can all make great romantic gifts, but bear in mind that for women sleepwear is not all about sex. Instead choose something that will make her feel good. If she enjoys period drama and romance you might consider a regency or empire style nightgown, or a fur trimmed robe. Practical items that fit her fantasies make excellent romantic gifts, and flowing silk nightgowns are the height of romance, but if she really isn’t a nightgown person then a pair of wonderful evening pajamas can help her relax and turn her mind to things other than work. If a rummage in her closet still leaves you mystified about her size, use a made to measure service. There are many which will help you get things right and add even more romance and mystery to the gifting process!


7. Don’t forget to wrap. Any decent lingerie or jewelry company will supply their product gift wrapped, but if for some reason you have to wrap your own gift, simply buy some tissue and a gift bag. Wrap the gift lightly in tissue paper, place in the bag and seal it. Don’t forget to write something on the card, and don’t be offended if she keeps that long after the gift itself has been forgotten. If that happens, your gift giving was successful!


Lesley Charalambides
http://www.certainstyle.com Custom made Luxury sleepwear, robes, lingerie and evening dresses.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lesley_Charalambides




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