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What a great way to spend the rainy day sampling chocolates under one roof.


To continue with the fond memories of the chocolate festival, I will be posting pictures of the event by showcasing the chocolatiers and the vendors and their works of art. Be sure to come back to this page as it will be updated regularly featuring the artist of the day and their products.


So… let our journey begin with:


Ykchaua Chocolates

Ykchaua (pronounced ick-chow-ah) is the ancient Mayan patron god of cocoa merchants. Unlike the Aztecs, the Maya made chocolate a part of everyday life, sharing the drink with others as a social bonding experience, and even growing the trees in their own back yards. To read more on Ykchaua Chocolates, click here…


Coastal Mist Chocolate Boutique

Coastal Mist is located in Old Town Bandon, Oregon. We specialize in a wide variety of desserts, cakes, pastries, artisan chocolates, special event catering and artisan breads. With over 50 years combined experience in the culinary field, we at Coastal Mist share a great love and passion for what we do. We make absolutely everything from scratch in our facility using the finest imported ingredients as well as the freshest local products our great northwest has to offer. To read more on Coastal Mist Chocolate Boutique click here…


Hot Cakes Confections

Producers of artisan, organic sweet treats made with carefully sourced ingredients. We are famous for our “take n bake molten chocolate cake in a mason jar” but also throw down on some other wicked sweet creations – like the best caramel sauce you have ever had. Or fresh packed pies filled with the season’s best.

Currently we vend at the Seattle farmers markets and a handful of boutique shops carry our cakes and sauces. Our inspiration is boundless and our future is in the works… however we may expand, know that we will keep an honest approach to producing exceptional, earthy, rogue and sensual sweet creations for your enjoyment. It is our pleasure to feed you. To read more on Hot Cakes Confections click here…


Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream

Parfait’s delicious ice cream is a true labor of love. All of our artisan products are prepared from our own recipes and handmade in the Parfait kitchen.

Our custard base is 100% organic and contains only four ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. Our flavors come from only real foods and contain no corn syrup or added stabilizers. Every one of our signature cones is pressed on a specialty iron, and hand-rolled with care. We even make our own toffee, peanut butter cups, brownies, and sauces! Parfait meticulously sources our dairy, eggs, and produce directly from local, certified organic farms. To read more on Hot Cakes Confections click here…


Holy Cannoli Italian Delicacies

We are excited to announce that we’re opening up shop in Seattle’s thriving Belltown neighborhood in November 2011.

We will be serving up fresh cannoli, stromboli, salads, and antipasti, with authentic and traditional Detroit-Italian roots. To read more on Holy Cannoli Italian Delicacies click here…


Chocolate Box

We think the best chocolatiers in the world live right here… in Seattle… passionate and creative chocolate chefs who’ve been recognized internationally by their peers… names like Fran’s, Theo, Oh! Chocolate and Chocolat Vitale. Chocolate Box is a celebration of these creative companies, accompanied by unique chocolatiers from around the world whose products are too good to pass up! Chocolate Box is also about enjoying the tasting pleasures of our chocolates. Virtually every day, you’ll be able to sample our products to learn why we’re so excited about what we sell! Want just one truffle? Choose a single piece from our “Best of the Best” selection!
To read more on the Chocolate Box click here…


Carter’s Chocolates

This is where you can find us open every day of the week making ice cream, truffles, turtles, frogs, peanut butter cups, s’mores bars, brownies, cakes, pies tarts, torts, homemade marshmallows, and more.

You can enjoy a hot beverage such as spicy (or not so spicy) drinking chocolate, hot chocolate, or liquid truffles with a slice of cake, a brownie, a sundae or a cone. 

Browse for gifts of truffle boxes, jars of Caramel Sauce, Hot Chocolate Mix, exquisite Single Origin Chocolate Bars, gift sets of drinking chocolate, Mugs or T-shirts, and complement your gift with an array of whimsical, humorous or even serious greeting cards. To read more on Carter’s Chocolates click here…


Blissful Wunders

My name is Bliss and I would like to introduce you to my confectionery delights. These handmade chocolate truffles are created with all organic, all natural, preservative-free ingredients. I use only the finest ingredients, including organic butter, organic heavy cream, and fair trade organic chocolate containing 65% cocoa mass from Columbia. I make all my own fruit purees using fruit supplied from a local Pacific Northwest vendor and organic cane juice as the sweetener. All my food colorings are plant-based, purchased from an organic vendor.

I offer a vegan variety for most of the flavors of my truffles. They contain organic coconut cream, Earth balance vegan buttery blend, chocolate and fruit purees. There is no major difference between the dairy and non-dairy in texture or flavor, although some customers have thought the vegan versions are actually creamier.

Every one of my truffles is created with loving care and individually hand rolled, hand dipped, designed, packaged and labeled with your enjoyment in mind. To read more on Blissful Wunders click here… 


Bargello Bakery & Confections

Savor the luscious flavor of individually handmade confections created from the freshest ingredients around. Bargello Bakery and Confections crafts fine chocolates, delicious chewy caramels and decadent truffles that combine a blend of old favorites and new unique flavors.

Bargello Caramels fill your mouth with a buttery richness that brings you right back to Mom’s kitchen. Stuffed with fresh toasted almonds, rolled in pure maple sugar, made with pure dark chocolate or just chewy plain caramel, the old-fashioned goodness gives you that delicious taste of home. To read more on Bargello Bakery & Confections click here…


Intrigue Chocolates Co.

Welcome, chocolate lover, to Intrigue Chocolates Co.! We hope you find our site informative enough to answer your questions and visually appealing enough to make you crave some fine chocolate.

Intrigue was built on the shared discovery of new flavors; we are about community first and foremost while chocolate happens to be my medium of expression. Please consider connecting with us via some of the social channels so you can be a part of that discussion too.

Intrigue Chocolates Co. is a socially and ecologically conscious business. Our mission is to share great chocolate, to build long-term partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses and customers, and to support nonprofit organizations working with at-risk populations in our region. To read more on Intrigue Chocolates Co. click here…


Chocolate Shop

The Chocolate Lover’s Wine takes the perfect pairing – Chocolate & Wine – to the next level, marrying the fine wine and rich, dark chocolate to create an indulgent wine experience like no other.

To read more on the Chocolate Shop click here…


Divine Chocolate

Choosing Divine as your chocolate treat is a delicious way of playing your part in a more equitable trading partnership. Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by the farmers. While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry. That’s good business!

To read more on Divine Chocolate click here


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