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Chocolate making workshops and classes of all kinds is a great date destination especially when you are looking for something new and different. Plus, you can hop from one chocolatier to another and get exposed to the wide range of chocolate creations. These workshops and classes are very popular at festivals, holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.


Here’s a review of a workshop I attended at one of Vancouver’s most popular chocolatier, Cocoanymph.


I was greeted by two of their staff members who were very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They are heavily involved in the chocolate making process so they really know what they are talking about and can speak from their experience. They strongly encourage interaction and participation as it makes the whole evening fun. In my personal experience, the more interaction from the participants, the more the speaker will give a lot more information and tips. These speakers were really generous with their time and information.


They talked about the history of chocolate and how it came to be today. Starting with the Aztecs to how it was shipped off to Spain and how it spread through Europe to current time. We chatted about different methods, machinery and techniques that chocolatiers back then used to make chocolate and let me tell you, they didn’t have the high tech machinery we have today.


Even though I am a chocolate lover and know some of the history, there were some tid-bits of new information that I didn’t know so it was refreshing for me as I love learning.


Then we had samples of single origin chocolates varying from country and cocoa percentage. For this exercise, we were learning to taste the various aromas and flavors in order to discover the differences between each one of them. No chocolate is alike as they pick up their characteristics/personalities from the environment they are grown.


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After the teaching was done, it was time for the fun and messiness! Chocolate truffle making! They had pre-made slats of chocolate ganache in which we could make our truffles. We transformed them into various shapes using shape cutters and small round balls. When these were ready, we dipped the truffles into a container of melted chocolate. We had sprinkles and patterns of all sorts to decorate them with. At the end of the evening we packed our treats and devoured them later.


Overall it was a good and fun experience. I have been to other chocolate workshops and discovered that each have different offerings. What you have read here might not be the exact experience you will get at another chocolatier. Be sure to inquire what you will be getting in the session. And you may find that pricing will vary too.


Tips for planning the perfect date destination:

1. Call local chocolatiers to inquire about these workshops as they tend to fill up especially around special holidays and celebrations. Valentine’s Day will really be packed with couples.


2. Festivals is another great venue to check these out as they will have organized a number of classes with one or more chocolatier. But since it’s a festival, these activities do sell out quickly so once you hear about it, quickly sign up.


3. Check online for web deals such as Groupon, EthicalDeal or Dealfind. Local chocolatiers will promote their classes on there at a substantial discount. These don’t come often so it will be a game of luck and chance.


Single Men! Bonus Tip: Did you know that these are a great venue to meet women? Anything chocolate tends to attract more women than men. Great way to hook up for a potential Chocolate Date.


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