Preparing A Romantic Evening

Preparing A Romantic Evening
By Jack Wogan

We rarely do something special for our dear and loved ones, so why not take a little of your spare time and do something nice for the person you love. You don’t need a reason to celebrate the love between you, any day is just as good to tell and show the person besides you how much you care about him/her.

The key to a successful night in two is to create the perfect atmosphere. You may begin by slightly modifying the look of your room. Choose an elegant, preferably red table cloth and set the table perfectly. Use many candles to illuminate the room and dim the artificial light as much as you can. Needless to say, the room has to be all clean and tidy as you don’t want your dinner to be interrupted by the unexpected discovery of a lost t-shirt.

The old saying “love goes through the stomach” is indeed as true as they say, therefore the food has to be exquisite. If you are not very talented or cooking is not something you like, you should probably leave the work to professionals and order food from a nice restaurant in town. Whether you decide to cook the food yourself or order it, choose something tasteful and refined instead of hard to digest food and don’t forget to please your senses with a delicious desert.

The smell of the room plays an important part in the atmosphere you want to set. Perfumed candles and aromatherapy oils are just what you need when you plan a romantic dinner. Lavender and jasmine oils help you relax, whereas ylang-ylang and patchouli essence can help you set the atmosphere for a passionate night. You also have to pay attention to your date’s preferences and use the scent he/she likes most if you truly want to make a good impression.

Now that you’ve made an idea of how to arrange a romantic night for you and your loved one, you can start preparing it. Your date will be surprised by your imagination and will definitely appreciate your care for him/her. One more thing: don’t forget to buy champagne!

The essential oils aromatherapy are the volatile, aromatic components of plants diffused in the air by gentle evaporation in ceramic oil burners.

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