Top Five Cheap Dates
By []Hannah Keeley

My husband, Blair, and I recently made a decision to go out once a week. This is one area where we have been horribly neglectful. Our marriage is great and we have an awesome time together, but we have never made a big effort of securing time alone together. It’s understandable, however, because we have always had little children who needed us. Also, we have always been too cheap to hire babysitters.

But all of that changed some time ago when we decided to go out one night for just a couple of hours. After all, now our big kids are old enough to babysit our little kids. So, after dinner, we gave the kids their responsibilities and then headed off to The Cracker Barrel for some dessert and coffee. We had so much fun that we decided it was going to be a weekly event!

It’s been months now and we’re in it to win it!

It’s important for every married couple to spend time together for several reasons. First, you need that time to enjoy each other and build your relationship. And second, it’s important to set a role model for your children and teach them by example how a husband and wife are meant to cherish each other. Make a decision right now that your marriage is a top priority and then take some action. You don’t have to whisk each other away to Rio for the weekend. But you do have to schedule some time to be together–ALONE!

If your budget is a problem, then no worries. I’ve got some great ideas for you!

1. Dessert Date: This is our favorite. Instead of spending a bunch of money on a fancy dinner, just have dinner with the family and head out later for dessert. Last time we did this, the total bill was under $10, and that includes the coffee.

2. Coffee Talk: This is another goodie. Just go out for coffee and some good, old fashioned conversation. Plus, it’s very, very cheap. Just don’t go all out and order the fanciest coffee on the menu (oh, what the heck…go ahead and do it!).

3. Toy Time: Skip the meal, and just head out to Target or Toys R Us to look at toys…not for the kids, but for you two! This can be so much fun! Especially when you play ball in the aisle or try out the Nerf swords on each other. You may get some strange looks, but who cares?

4. Bookstore Visit: Another one of my favorites. I love bookstores! I love everything about them! It’s fun to get a cup of coffee and just browse through the books together. One of my favorite sections is the travel books. It’s fun to glance through these books and dream of places you would like to visit together.

5. Fancy Walk: Going for a walk together is always a great way to bond, but if we headed out for a walk in our neighborhood, we would probably have seven kids following us. It’s fun to find a fancy area, such as an upscale mall or shopping district, and just walk together, hand-in-hand. No shopping required.

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