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Why Chocolate?

Chocolate is the world’s most indulgent and sinful delicacy, not only tantalizing the taste buds, but opening the hearts of everyone…especially women. Associated with romance, chocolate stimulates the delicious feeling of being in love, and according to scientific research, the pleasure of chocolate melting in your mouth increases brain activity while the heart rate increases even more than it does during passionate kissing. It’s not hard to see why it has become one of the most popular and best-known aphrodisiacs in the world. So, if you happen to be a less-than-perfect kisser, try adding chocolate to the mix!
The Mayans of Mexico and Central America first discovered the cocoa bean and used it as an offering to the Gods by turning it into a luxurious, spicy drink used mainly in sacred ceremonies. It therefore, became known as the “Food of the Gods.” Later, when the Spanish came into contact with the Mayans, this luscious secret was shared first with royalty, then with the common man, becoming one of the world’s first delicacies.


This simple bean has transformed itself into so many wonderful and delicious treats with so many chocolate connoisseurs that it has now become a significant part of celebrations, holidays, festivals and competitions the world over.


Chocolate continues to grow in popularity with ever-evolving new creations and flavors. Recently, scientific research revealed that chocolate is also good for you! Containing significant amounts of the same flavonoids that are found in wine, green tea, fruits and vegetables, it triggers the release of endorphins—those natural feel-good chemicals—when we eat it. While many men may not understand the pleasurable, and even orgasmic, sensations this little cocoa bean can bring to most women, or the fact that it can be a substitute for sex, just bringing chocolate as a tool to enhance the fun will have her wanting more. This, in turn, will make you her ‘hero’, because you now know one of her hot buttons.

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