October 15, 2011 – November 10, 2011


From the website: http://www.festivalofchocolate.ca


Google Festival of Chocolate, 142,000 results in 11 seconds. It is time that British Columbia showcased our fantastic Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, and culinarians with the sweet magic of chocolate. Time a sustainable festival of chocolate was created, supporting the magical, mystical cocoa and chocolate and the people in the business of chocolate.


The Fall Festival of Chocolate has been created to showcase everything one can or learn about cocoa and chocolate, meet our artisan Chocolatiers, our local businesses, chefs, cooking classes, wineries, breweries, even pork producers – yes, chocolate meets bacon. So, you can see, the Fall Festival is around for a long time – there is a lot to learn, taste, and appreciate!


This series of events showcases an out of the chocolate box experience – education, health, events, people and products. Created to support our local economy, tourism, culinary tourism, British Columbia, and above all people.


The Fall Festival of Chocolate invites all businesses to create a chocolate themed event, meal, pairing, seminar, cooking class or demo during the fall festival, usually the last two weeks of October and first two weeks of November. Celebrate Cocoa and Chocolate with us!


The Festival of Chocolate is no ordinary festival – we aim to inspire, inform, surprise, and entertain you. Above all, we want to celebrate all things chocolate, from the health factor of great dark chocolate, to unique pairings with chocolate. We aim to support our culinary arts and peoples fascination with the mystical cocoa producing products. The Magic of Chocolate – Simply Magic!


Join us – meet great Chocolatiers such as Sinfully the Best Chocolate in Steveston, Dione’s Chocolates in Crescent Beach, Dominique and Cindy Duby of Wild Sweets® for a fantastic 36 piece chocolate tasting experience; hop aboard a Chocolate Trolley Tour, and book a corporate event for your staff, clients or family and friends.


We aim to bring to you Chocolate and More, at your fingertips, thru our website and our Fall Festival of Chocolate.

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