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The World Chocolate Masters is the world’s leading global culinary competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate.


Since its creation in 2005, the competition has developed its unique identity for being the most challenging chocolate competition that focuses on the individual skills of each contestant. The theme of this year’s edition is “Quetzalcoatl’s Gift, which asks participants to find inspiration in the mysterious and super natural origins of Cocoa in the rainforests of South America.


This year, the fourth edition of this unique competition will feature 19 finalists coming from different countries around the world. Over the last eighteen months, each of them has successfully competed for the title of “National Chocolate Master” in their own country, thereby qualifying for the final.


During the final, each contestant will produce a chocolate cake, two pralines, a dessert and one exceptional artistic creation based on the theme of “Cocoa, the gift of Quetzalcoatl”, transporting spectators back in history to the ancient Aztec civilization of Mexico. A 21-member jury made up of celebrity pastry chefs and chocolate masters will evaluate their work during this three-day competition.


A prize package with a total value of 75.000 € will be shared among the contestants of the “World Chocolate Masters 2011”. This package will comprise money as well as professional material and will be divided in proportion to the contestants’ ranking and the scores they achieve during the final.


What is it like to participate in the World Chocolate Master’s? What is it like to feel to be part of the competition and to be acknowledged as one of the greatest chocolate craftsman on the planet? Listen to the stories of the three winners of the 2009 Final and their advice to future contestants.

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