By Lesley Charalambides


When it comes to romantic gifts the choice seems simple; flowers, jewels, perfume or lingerie. The choice may depend on budget or simply on opportunity. Flowers seem easy to buy, while lingerie seems tricky, but things are not always as they seem.


1. Flowers are easy to order, but that’s the problem. She knows that. Just looking up the internet a picking the first bouquet isn’t going to impress, it may even have the opposite effect. If you want to send flowers then pick something unusual and long lasting. Tropical flowers are more expensive but they last far longer than the garden variety, so orchids and anthuriums are a good choice.


2. Roses are supposedly romantic, but the real reason for that was their scent. Most roses last only a few days and few these days have any scent at all. On the other hand roses can fall into the unusual range, offer a vase of one dozen roses five feet tall, which definitely falls into the ‘unusual’ category.


3. Be personal. The best answer in giving any gift, is to choose something with personal meaning, perhaps an arrangement of the same flowers as in her wedding bouquet. If you don’t know her well you might find out the official flower of the state she comes from. In each case you’ve shown you put some thought into it, and it’s the thought that makes the gift romantic.


4. While perfume seems a simple things to buy there are many to chose from. Buying another bottle of her usual scent is safe, but boring. Why not try the Sephora fragrance finder and use the fragrance she wears now to predict others she will like. The downside is that a scent which smells fabulous on one woman may smell ghastly on the next.


5. Every women can use pearls and styles change constantly. A single strand of medium size pearls is ideal for most women, however a multi-strand necklace makes a beautiful gift.


But beware of size. The sixteen inches used for necklaces these days can be too small for many women, and alterations to a necklace can cost almost as much as the original item.


6. Luxury sleepwear and lingerie, nightgowns, pajamas and robes can all make great romantic gifts, but bear in mind that for women sleepwear is not all about sex. Instead choose something that will make her feel good. If she enjoys period drama and romance you might consider a regency or empire style nightgown, or a fur trimmed robe. Practical items that fit her fantasies make excellent romantic gifts, and flowing silk nightgowns are the height of romance, but if she really isn’t a nightgown person then a pair of wonderful evening pajamas can help her relax and turn her mind to things other than work. If a rummage in her closet still leaves you mystified about her size, use a made to measure service. There are many which will help you get things right and add even more romance and mystery to the gifting process!


7. Don’t forget to wrap. Any decent lingerie or jewelry company will supply their product gift wrapped, but if for some reason you have to wrap your own gift, simply buy some tissue and a gift bag. Wrap the gift lightly in tissue paper, place in the bag and seal it. Don’t forget to write something on the card, and don’t be offended if she keeps that long after the gift itself has been forgotten. If that happens, your gift giving was successful!


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