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Relationships without romance can be like cars without tires – going nowhere. When your partner begs for more romance or asks that you show your love it’s time to invest some time in being romantic. Even a busy workaholic can be a romantic. If he can, you can too. Even if the inclination doesn’t come natural to you romance can change your life and your love.


Be sincere in your love and desire. Romance isn’t for the faint of heart or those interested in lust alone. False romance offered just to get someone in bed is more harmful and hurtful than other types of lies. So make certain of your feelings and be sincere before you start to turn on the romantic charm.


Focus on your partner. What makes romance varies by person so don’t attempt to lure your love with standard hearts and flowers unless that is what moves her. Some women love flowers while others just sneeze. Find out what makes romance in your lover’s mind before you plan your approach.


Be spontaneous with your affection. Even a stoic man won’t be able to resist the spark of your spontaneous romance when it is supported by true affection. Lead with your heart and emotions when you offer affection and don’t try to over-think everything. Everyone may not be interested in your public displays so keep them contained when you can. When you cannot, those moments of sharing affection and romance will insulate you and your love into your own little world.


If you let love and the one you love be your guide, romance should be easy. As well as you know the one you love, you should be able to know what matters most to him or her. Would she prefer a night out on the town in a romantic restaurant followed by a walk in the moonlight? Or is she more attracted to a meal prepared by your own hands while watching the sunrise together? If your love is a man he still needs romance. Consider sending him a collection of his favorite tunes or tickets to see his favorite band followed by a late dinner together in a quiet bistro. Knowing your love allows you to put him or her needs first in your romantic plans.


Finishing touches can make even a night at home a romantic one. Spend an hour setting the scene, showering and putting your best self together for the one you love. That extra time shows you care. Then add some more sensual touches. A few classy rose buds or candlelight by the bed add a romantic feel. Consider champagne and crystal flutes in your next picnic outing or hike. Small details help add romance.


Express your feelings. The words I Love You are romantic when felt and expressed. Don’t offer them if you don’t feel them. When you do feel love, respect and admiration, express those feelings. Even the simplest of words are comforting and romantic. With a little love and affection you can create a romance to last throughout the ages.


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