Intrigue Chocolates Co. NW Chocolate Festival 2011

Intrigue Chocolates Co. NW Chocolate Festival 2011

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Truffles, truffles and nothing but truffles!


I first met Aaron, the chocolatier behind Intrigue Chocolate Co. a couple of years ago at the Chocolate Salon event in Seattle. Seeing him again was like running into an old friend even though we only met once. Just talking to him you can totally tell that he is passionate about his truffles, dedicated to his work and eager to share the excitement about his new discoveries.


This time around he was excited to show me his newest art, the rediscovered Fortunato #4, a rare cacao bean known to be extinct. He is one of the select few chocolatiers in Seattle to work with this chocolate due to limited quantities. To get another batch of cacao beans will take at least 7 years to grow these particular trees. Cross your fingers in hopes for any cacao pods as not all trees are successful. Trees must be in the right growing conditions. We shall see what happens in the next decade to see how successful this particular bean will be.



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In the meantime, you have the opportunity to try Aaron’s other chocolate truffles. My faves is the Ghost Chili, Basil and of course the Fortunato #4. These truffles are full of flavor that melts heavenly on the tongue. The Ghost Chili sold out within hours of the festival opening. If you happen to have tasted this, you can see why – good bite of chili that finishes off smooth and creamy on the tongue. The Fortunato will take you on a journey of sweet to savory notes. Nothing needed to be added or taken away as it had its’ own personality. Basil… well if you love this herb, you will love how flavorful this truffle is.


Be sure to check out their Seattle retail store. Alternatively, you can order online thru their website:


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3rd Annual NW Chocolate Festival Seattle – October 22 – 23

From the website:


Taste, Learn and Celebrate! Chocolate Lovers Unite!


We present two days of pure chocolate decadence and the highest caliber of indulgence through chocolate education, chocolate making classes and professional level tasting.


The NW Chocolate festival hosts 70 classes, chocolate tasting and workshops taught by top culinary professionals and award winning artisan chocolate makers. We aim to share experiences in chocolate from the farm all the way to scrumptious chocolate bar and sweet confection.


A taste of what you will experience

•Learn about chocolate with presentations by award winning chocolate makers

•Crush cacao beans by hand using traditional tools

•Meet cacao farmers from Ecuador and Peru

•Learn to taste and distinguish fine chocolate from different origins around the world

•Taste and experience fresh cacao fruit direct from South America, a rare experience in the United States

•Discover the health benefits of chocolate

•Learn how to temper chocolate, make truffles and ganaches, and fine desserts

•Seduce your senses in the Aphrodisiac Room

•Expand your palate with chocolate and drink pairings


We are excited to taste chocolate with you and offer educational workshops and presentations to festival attendees in five of the Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center. The festival features 16 hours of chocolate culinary demonstrations at the culinary kitchen in the Chocolate Dessert and Confection Room, two full days of talks on culture, trade equity and cocoa agriculture in the World of Chocolate Room. We also offer the opportunity to enjoy wine, coffee, tea, and beer paired with chocolate in the Beer and Wine Garden.


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